GlasMasters Underground Enclosures

GlasMasters manufactures a wide variety of underground enclosures serving various different utilities. We make small enclosures that are typically used for residential water meters, traffic signals and electrical junction boxes as well as large enclosures that are typically used for commercial water meters, fiber optics and electrical pull boxes.

Our enclosures use the best materials along with the best designs, and manufacture them with the highest quality. All GlasMasters enclosures are made using Polymer Concrete in combination with Fiberglass. These materials offer superb strength-weight ratio and maintain that strength over time.They are not susceptible to the elements of the environment, unlike traditional precast concrete or plastic.

GlasMasters Boxes are designed and manufactured specifically for each individual application. Whether it is used as a valve box that only receives pedestrian traffic, or as a junction box that receives non-deliberate vehicular traffic, you can be sure that the GlasMasters Box can handle the load for many years to come.

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