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What Does it Take to Make a GlasMasters Box?

All GlasMasters Boxes are made using Polymer Concrete in combination with Fiberglass to provide a high strength, lightweight enclosure. 

Polymer Concrete is a mixture of thermoset resin, aggregates, and fiberglass reinforcement. Polymer Concrete is much stronger than traditional concrete with a fraction of the weight. Unlike traditional precast concrete, polymer concrete will not absorb water and become brittle, which has been a major problem with enclosures in the past.

Fiberglass is material made by applying polyester resin and catalyst to a fiberglass reinforcing mat. The result is a very strong, durable material that will not undergo plastic deformation. Over the years, many plastic enclosures made from high-density polyethylene have been used. These plastic enclosures are often much more flexible than fiberglass and deform far more than allowable under current industry standards. This often leads to a crushed meter or a cave-in which could possibly expose dangerous electrical wiring. Plastic is also highly susceptible to ultraviolet rays (UV) from direct sunlight. 

 Benefits of Polymer Concrete
  • High Strength: 4x Stronger than traditional precast concrete
  • Light Weight: 3x Lighter than traditional precast concrete
  • Non-Absorbent: Which causes concrete to become brittle
  • Stable Under Freeze/Thaw: Unlike plastic and precast concrete
  • Non-Conductive: Necessary for electrical connections
  • Corrosion Resistant: Will not deteriorate in most environments



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